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Lisbon: A guide to the museums

Of the 5 months I spent in Europe, 5 weeks were spent in Portugal. So far, it is my favourite country visited. Yet with 5 weeks in this beautiful country, I still did not have the opportunity to see all that it has to offer – a couple more trips are warranted in the future.…

Coimbra: Intelligent beauty

This will be one of my shorter posts and not because Coimbra isn’t a beautiful place – I just didn’t have the chance to spend more time there. Fortunately travelling there isn’t too difficult. Trains run regularly from the north and south of Portugal to Coimbra – the university city of the country. I couch…

Braga & Guimarães: Picturesque North

I took an hour long train ride from Porto to Braga, cost was around 3.5 euros. Braga is a very small place but beautiful. It has a strong historical aura mixed with the young spirit of a university town. I walked to my hostel – Braga Pop Hostel. Now I HAVE to give a little…

Porto: Uncork a bottle!

I remember landing at the Porto airport on a sunny day in November and I couldn’t have been happier to be there. Portugal is a gorgeous country and I felt I hadn’t seen enough of it the first time around – round two was in order. I took a cheap flight from Budapest to Porto…

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