With preparation comes sleep deprivation

As I entered my last year of university I began to wonder where my life would go once I graduated. Many options ran through my mind, such as continuing my education in grad school or paramedic college, or even starting to work right away. But my heart settled on the decision to head to Europe and see everything I have always wanted to see. My family can tell you, I am not one to go off and travel alone. I tend to stay close to home, and when I do travel I go for short periods of time so that I won’t miss home too much. But I finished school after five emotionally and psychologically difficult years, so why wouldn’t I go off on a well deserved adventure?

After coming back from Japan in February I realized that I want to see other parts of the world. I want to experience different cultures and become a global citizen to the best of my ability. I decided to sit down at a computer and buy my ticket to Europe. Now some advice for people who are looking to travel to Europe in the summer: buy your tickets in advance!!! Prices double and sometimes triple the longer you wait to buy tickets, and it will lead you to second guess your desire to pack up and run away.

For the longest time this trip felt so far away. Now I am 3 days away from leaving and the nervousness and panic are starting to set in. As well as some excitement for what’s to come. I have made multiple packing lists and reread them over and over. I have mulled over how many pairs of shoes I want to carry, and how much underwear is necessary for a trip like this. I need my travel insurance, and my credit cards, and God only knows what else. I have to think about my safety, but also go and have fun. And then I have to leave my family and friends for a while. This is the hardest part, to go to a place unfamiliar and unknown, and try to find comfort.

My goal with this trip is to find out who I am, to learn my boundaries and to test them, to work on my patience, and to see the world from a different perspective. New friends will be made, and new lessons will be learned. I invite you to join me on this adventure through this blog.

Until we see each other again, it will be my knapsack and I.

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