Malmö: Sweden’s southern bridge

After my few days in Stockholm, I had to find a way to make my way back to continental Europe. Malmö, located in southern Sweden, was a perfect choice for my next destination. Considering there is an approximate 600 km distance between Stockholm and Malmö, that would make for a very long bus ride. Instead I took…

Stockholm: Scandinavian capital

Stockholm is a beautiful city with many contrasting personalities. It has achieved a wonderful balance between modernity and antiquity where many cities have not. The many islands and canals create a sense of unknown and, at times, mystery. In November, Stockholm has some pretty pleasant weather. There was no snow, only some rain and fog,…

Tromsø: Brrr it’s cold outside

At this point of my trip I hadn’t seen my sister for almost 3 months, which is totally unusual for us considering that her and I would spend all our time together while she lived in Toronto. We worked together, went out together, had the same friends. So I decided to visit her at the…

Netherlands: Land of canals

Finally the day came to leave warm southern Europe for the cold and grey parts of northern Europe. I took a discount flight from Porto, Portugal to Eindhoven, Netherlands and then moved directly on to Rotterdam. This is much easier said than done. Well it should have been easy, but it definitely was not. There…

Granada & Sevilla: Spirit of Andalucía

Madrid is located in the desert of Spain. Barcelona on the eastern coast. And Andalucia lies in the south, hot and full of spirit. This is the part of Spain where bullfighting, flamenco, and Arabic influence can be found. I visited two cities in this region: Granada and Sevilla. Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia,…

Barcelona: Gothic capital

Unfortunately I won’t be beginning this blog entry on a positive note. Spain has one of the most expensive train networks I have ever used. To travel from Madrid to Barcelona costs around 140€ on the fastest line, which happens to be the only line available. Ryanair offers flights from Madrid to Girona airport in…

Madrid & Toledo: The two capitals

After a 1.5 hour flight delay in Naples, I finally landed at Barajas airport in Madrid, Spain. This airport is one of the biggest I have ever stepped foot in and after grabbing my bags, I had to walk twenty minutes to get to the metro station. Although, I think if there was a metro…

Amalfi & Salerno: Sunny paradise

This entry will be a bit shorter than some of my others. I came to Salerno to relax a bit with the smell of the Mediterranean and the sun kissing my skin. I arrived by train from Rome and ended up getting a little lost, as usual, trying to find my hostel. I asked a…

Roma: Italian romance

Ah, Rome. There is so much I can say about Rome, but it wouldn’t be enough to capture how beautiful it really is. I am sitting here right now at a loss for words to describe it. I arrived to Roma Termini (the train station) early, which, I must add, almost never happens in Italy.…

Florence & Siena: Tuscany’s rivals

Next city on my hit list was Florence, Italy and I managed to make a day trip to Siena as well. I arrived by train as usual, because the train network in Italy is fantastic in my opinion. My host in Florence was Alessandro, who actually lives in Sesto Fiorentino which is a suburb of…

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